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Women in Sultan

Women in Sultan

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Women in Sultan

Sultan engineering company trade project department Wang Shanshan

  When I write the article, I was stunned, because suffering from where to find material. But the morning woke up from a dream, my wife said to me, he said I met Liu Meng today than he is also black, my heart there is an indescribable feeling. Yes, I have to admit that the wife to go out every day, all day sun exposure, many black, suddenly found that around us there are actually many good stories, because it happened around every day, we become a habit and neglect. Here, I'd like to write about my wife, Wang Shanshan, Sultan engineering company.

  Shan Shan, younger than me, but very good, from primary school, high school to college, are good students, good cadres, get scholarships, brilliant history, speaking with results. Shan is because I came to Sultan, but she did not rely on me, she is not far away from me in a Sultan steel works. With their own hard work, get the boss's recognition and praise, until a year and a half to go when the boss and the boss has been retained. Shan Shan entered the German construction, according to my idea, it is actually very simple: after all is a woman, after returning to a stable job on the line, but she did not think so, she said: "any work or do, to do it well!" Really, she did it.

  She is a woman who is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, never bow to difficulties

  Just entered the company, Shan Shan is not familiar with the business, the goods on the trade complex, thousands of. Inventory, due to the workers themselves are not familiar with the goods, the number of more, the number of people out of a large number of differences. To this end, her hair, she was on the Internet, and find ways to reduce the error in the inventory. Personally lead the staff, the warehouse, container, store the goods are classified, with the symbol of each box is marked with the name, quantity. This is a huge project, but she worked tirelessly every day, counting to eleven PM bell, who were soaked to the skin, also insisted on washing the clothes with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, clean, second days to check, this is she never complained. Through her unremitting efforts, the management of goods on trade has been greatly improved than before, the company has been recognized by the leadership, her spirit moved me.

  She is a woman working in a clean manner crisp

  Any thing, any problem, as long as to her, she will find a way to solve, never find a reason. Trade outlets need to transfer the goods, the container to the lack of materials, customer problems need to be coordinated, the domestic task...... She is the first time to respond to the matter will be handled properly, do not know what is called, she has a few things in mind, their own itinerary full of. Operating on the translation of a holiday, the management of the work of the passport to her, we all know that the people of Sultan is very slow, she is a word - reminder. Have you ever seen a Chinese woman driving a van in Sultan with a group of people from Sultan and a group of Chinese to go to the immigration department for medical examination? That's my wife. At noon, basically do not go back to the dormitory, she is a "no sense of time," the people, and his contact with the people of Sultan are playing in the heart admire her. She is a resolute woman, now, doors and windows factory also slowly began by her responsible, drove his pickup, look at the material inquiry, you may have seen a Chinese woman carrying a bag, the scorching sun through a store, shuttle in the Aluminum Alloy store windows, inquiry, parity, that is my wife, with a sense of responsibility to the work of the people. Can she be black?

  She is a woman who delivers positive energy to the people around her

  Sometimes I work tired, occasionally complain, she said to me: "remember, what you do, not for others but yourself, your work is your character, you should thank the company, is the company to provide you with a platform". Think about what she said is right. As a woman can take leave of, what can I say; as a woman, there is such a state, what can I say, only admire and continue to learn from her, do a good job, it is fundamental to. Under her leadership, I saw a team full of energy and hope, she is always able to bring full of positive energy to the people around.

  She is a woman on the road through the tears

  Shan Shan, left the family, leaving the children, make light of travelling a thousand li came to Sultan. Taste only we know. She carries the family's little dream, but also to realize the value of her life. When it comes to children, she cries. As a husband, I was more of a guilty, she is busy today to pay, the needs of the family, is the need of the work, since the choice of construction work hard in Germany, but also virtuarch choose us, is a kind of cohesion, a kind of trust. One day, after all, to leave Sultan, but no regrets, under the banner of the company's growth, but also to achieve the value of her life, to contribute to the development of the company's own strength we are pleased.

  Wang Shanshan, she is a hard-working, energetic and good staff. As her husband, I am very proud; as her colleagues, I am very encouraged, she always pass us positive energy......


Sultan engineering company Zhou Xiaoguang