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Visit condolences to the families of the truth in the heart

Visit condolences to the families of the truth in the heart

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  Winter comes, chill. 2017 January 24 morning, Xing Tak Private Capital Management Co., Ltd., a positive response to the city finance office organized an enterprise one family poverty alleviation work, the first time contact poverty alleviation office. In determining the poverty reduction target, the company staff early in the morning to Zhao Hu Zhen Han spring community, accompanied by local village party secretary, visited households Wu Wenji family, as he sent condolences to Kim and other supplies of rice oil. Lu Zhifeng, general manager of the company is to send condolences to their own personal gold and extend its blessing.

  Subsequently, the staff cordial conversation with Wu Wenji, carefully understand his basic family situation, asked in detail about his health, children's learning as well as the difficulties and need help to solve the problem, so that households in the winter season to feel the warmth from the financial organization financial financial. Thanks to the financial office and the leaders of the Korean spring community to provide this platform allows us to give back to the community, with practical action to help more people in need, the positive energy transfer.