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Concerned about the families of employees to ensure the steady development of overseas business

Concerned about the families of employees to ensure the steady development of overseas business

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  March sunshine exceptionally bright, beautiful in the spring of March, the German built international at 18 am 9:30 in the conference room on the floor of the conference held on behalf of the exchange of overseas workers and their families on behalf of the 23. The purpose of the exchange forum is to understand the difficulties of overseas workers and families, to listen to the views of the families of the staff and the development of overseas business development proposals.

  The meeting, De Jian International deputy general manager Xu Hongfeng expressed warm welcome to come to participate in the forum of overseas workers and families, to the families of workers introduced virtuarch overseas market development process from scratch, from small to large, and to the families of workers said, as De Jian De Jian International Holding overseas business development platform, the development achievements of this ten years the correct leadership of the parent unit, a staff of unremitting efforts, more workers families support and pay virtuarch international to express our sincere gratitude to the families of workers. Subsequently, overseas workers families also expressed their support for the company's overseas business, overseas employees were asked and they were very concerned about security issues, and the families of the workers in recent years, enhance the welfare of workers and their families to express gratitude, they said: in the past few years, obviously can feel care and care the company of family members, understand the company's good intentions, they will take care of the family, let his family at work overseas.

  Finally, Xu Hongfeng once again to the families of workers in these years, the company's overseas business support to thank, thank the families to make great sacrifices, also hope that the families of workers can be De Jian the family home, there are difficulties and anguish you can think of this big family de jian.

  Dejian International many years of international business development process, the family will always work in the first place, the company is trying to solve the worries of overseas workers. The family Baishi, important festivals and visit, the daily phone calls to the families of workers, child full moon, every year to provide free medical examinations for the families of employees, provide education fees for their children to help with, are provided for the International Welfare virtuarch family workers, our employees bear the thoughts of his family in the pain overseas, with the local social environment and the living environment of poor suffering, they are De Jian international most would like to thank the people who take care of their families is bound to do international de jian.


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