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Flying childlike innocence, happy 61

Flying childlike innocence, happy 61

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  In May 31st, International Children's Day approaching, virtuarch international 6 managers to Yuehua kindergarten, accompany the children to spend a pleasant morning.

  Managers first with children to kindergarten ecological park, "Green Castle", looking for children, parents carefully prepared for their gifts, children find gifts of joy. To help kids open their gifts at the same time, parents read to children's letter for their sustenance and a blessing for parents, the managers were moved by. In the interaction, children and managers familiar with, they took the management of the hand, dancing to introduce their gifts. The management personnel gave virtuarch carefully prepared for their international children's fairy tale books 3D, after receiving a gift, kids very excited about the fairy tale books put it down, and wrapped in management and reading to them.

  Activities in the laughter ended, and children along with the time is always so happy, so sweet. It is written on our faces, strung in our memories, and lies in the bottom of our hearts. Here to thank the children for our joy, but also to the health and happiness of children!