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Fulfill social responsibility, highlighting the construction of love

Fulfill social responsibility, highlighting the construction of love

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  The public is more than love constantly, the morning of April 23rd, Germany was built in southern Sultan engineering company staff came to Juba as Barry sent to the community, school bags, stationery and other supplies for school-age children in the community.

  Years of war and poverty in southern Sultan did not erase the innocent smiles on the faces of children. At the scene, we see that children receive school supplies, his face filled with a happy smile, mouth kept saying "thank you", "China good"! Ethnic elders on behalf of the community on the company's donation to express my sincere gratitude, the general manager of the southern Sultan engineering company Song Fuguang also said it would actively participate in social welfare activities, provide more help for the people of southern Sultan.

  South Sultan engineering company since 2011 to enter the southern Sultan market, committed to the development of the company at the same time, do not forget to fulfill their social responsibilities. Has carried out the construction of community resettlement housing, community, community primary school repair repair repair community road football field, and a series of public activities, improve the living conditions of the people of southern Sultan to a certain extent, also let them remember more love de jian.

    The school children donated to school supplies, although only a modest effort, but it contains the love and expectations of the people of Germany, I wish the children of southern Sultan healthy and happy growth!