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Sultan engineering company for local orphans love

Sultan engineering company for local orphans love

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  The morning of July 28, 2016, Shandong Dejian group Sultan engineering company management personnel came to Sultan Khartoum Islamic center home orphanage again, out of Dejian Group company caring hand to urgently needed relief to the orphanage children.

  Since July, Sultan, Khartoum, a number of heavy rain, the rain flooded the road, vehicles impassable, resulting in tight food supply in Khartoum, rising prices. This is undoubtedly worse for the homeless orphans and abandoned disabled children in the home of the Islamic center. Due to the economic downturn in Sultan, the orphanage is limited, resulting in the orphanage children are not only poor accommodation, and even food and clothing problems are difficult to solve. The price increases, resulting in the orphanage did not have the money to buy more food to solve the problem of children's food and clothing, food supply has become a priority of the orphanage.

  Wang Haijun, general manager of the Sultan engineering company heard about the orphanage, the organization and management of the orphanage for children to buy food, flour, vegetables and other food. When managers brought food to the orphanage, they received a warm welcome from the president and the children of the orphanage. Some children call China, some children waving their arms, some children happy smile, the children in different ways to express welcome to the management. In order to express their timely assistance to the construction of the building to help them, specifically to buy water to entertain each manager. See the children cheered the handling of food, managers face a smile of warmth.

  Affected by the world economic environment, Sultan in recent years the company's economy is greatly affected by the impact, but Sultan still did not stop to carry out charitable activities in the local footsteps, actively participate in overseas social responsibility work, contributed to the steady development of overseas business.