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Carry love through to the end

Carry love through to the end

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  Dejian international charity uphold the fine tradition, carry out virtuarch advocate high energy enterprise culture, organization and management personnel to the July 28th Mai Danny orphanage held a dedication of love, caring for children ".

  At seven in the morning, the company's love corps, with sugar, rice, oil, noodles, beds and other daily necessities and condolences, drove 3 hours to Mai Danny orphanage. In the distance from the orphanage door ten meters away, we saw the children standing all together. As we drove into the car, the children held up their arms, danced a unique folk dance, and sang a cheerful ballad. That a pair of thin body, a full face of marl filled with excited smile, deeply shocked my heart. Although compared with the children's hard life, these materials are not enough, but we believe that as long as we adhere to our love action, will bring more people to help children. The head of the Sultan engineering company had a friendly talk with the orphanage leaders and the local education bureau, and promised to continue public welfare activities to bring warmth and love to more people.

  Dejian international will continue to carry out public welfare activities, and actively integrate into the local community, while contributing to the local community building, and further build more competitive enterprise brand.