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Dejian International Convened 2017 Annual Department Manager's Debriefing

Dejian International Convened 2017 Annual Department Manager's Debriefing

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  On the afternoon of 18th January, 2018, the managers of Dejian International Department and the above attended performed the debriefing for 2017 work in the conference room 2311 of the Hawaii Composite. General Manager, Deputy General Managers, various department managers, general managerial staff, and major personnel of the domestic project department attended the debriefing conference.



  At the conference, the deputy general managers and managers of various departments summarized and reported the work for the whole year in accordance with the annual target responsibility statement which were signed at the beginning of last year,and analyzed the inadequacies of the work of the department and the corresponding improvement measures. At the same time, those managers planned and scheduled the work of the year 2018. 



  Combining current developments of the company, General manager Mr. Li Ruiguo proposed his own views upon the works on various departments, including how to enter new business areas, open up new markets; improve project quality and safety management capabilities; strengthen the management and control of funds and develop trade and labor services, and hoped that the various departments focus on innovation actively and continuously improve the ability of international business guidance in 2018.