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Dejian International Successfully Held 2017 Annual Conclusions and Awards Ceremony

Dejian International Successfully Held 2017 Annual Conclusions and Awards Ceremony

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  The Dejian International's 2017 Annual Conclusions and award Meeting was held at 3:00 PM on February 2,2018 in the conference room 410.of Shandong Dejian Group. The Chairman of the Dejian Holding Company, Comrade Jin Haiyang, General Manager Comrade Zhou Zhenqi, and Secretary of the Board of Directors Comrade Wang Xinyong attended the meeting. 



  The conference had been divided into four agendas. First of all, Mr. Li Ruiguo, general manager of the Dejian International, gave a summary report on “Strengthening Standardization Management, Focusing on Reform and Innovation, and Firmly Strengthening and Strengthening Overseas Markets”. This summary report give an detailed account of the achievements and inadequacies of the Dejian International in 2017 and managed and scheduled work tasks for 2018. Subsequently, one advanced group and 19 advanced personnel who made outstanding contributions to the company's production, operation, and management during the past year were honored.




  In the end, Mr. Zhou, General Manager of Dejian Holdings Co., Ltd. gave a speech, Mr. Zhou first congratulated the Dejian International on its performance in 2017, thanked the staff for their efforts, and put forward several requirements for the work of Dejian International in 2018: First,Seek a higher stage in development to leapfrog. Dejian International take in housing construction projects as the lead, and progress to a higher level through capital, personnel and business relationships, and construction management capabilities.Second, play a strength in the use of funds. Relying onthe brand of Shandong Dejian Group Dejian International should take full advantage of the brand, reputation, and business resources of all parties in order to make better use of funds. Third, focus on innovation in the development of the company. When encounter bottlenecks, we must brainstorm more deeply. And the key lies in the use of various resources. Innovation includes breakthrough development in the use of talents, incentive mechanisms, management methods, operating models, and cooperation methods.Fourth, increase investment. In the ten years of cultivation in Africa, traditional construction will continue to be carried out by Dejian International, and investment projects will also have to be actively expanded which will be beneficial to improving the benefits.Fifth, Strengthen risk control. In foreign marketing models, we must formulate a response system in terms of exchange rates, material prices, political and economic forecasting capabilities, and compliance capabilities, strive for development in the midst of turbulent changes, maximize profits, and improve the systems, regulation, and measures.Finally, we hope that Dejian International, with the support of Dejian Holdings, will strive for more brilliant achievements with the efforts of all the cadres and staff!