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Dejian International Held Conference of Work Mobilization in 2018 and Director Board Work Report’s Implementation and Advertisin

Dejian International Held Conference of Work Mobilization in 2018 and Director Board Work Report’s Implementation and Advertisin

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  On the afternoon of 7th March, Dejian International Meeting of Work Mobilization in 2018 and Director Board Work Report’s Implementation and Advertising was held in the conference room on the 23rd floor of Dejian Holdings Building. Mr. Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International, Mr. Wang Xinyong, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Shandong Dejian Group, and A total of over 130 employees of Dejian International at home and abroad participated in the conference through video and other methods. The conference was chaired by Mr. Xu Hongfeng, vice GM of Dejian International for production.




  First of all, Director Wang interprets the report of the board of directors on several aspects including the orientation of the shareholders' meeting, the work review, the work deployment in 2018, corporate culture, and human resources management. The interpretation of profound theories, presentations, and rich content has enhanced the passion and fighting spirit of all management personnel, boosted staff morale, and benefited employees, pointing the way for the company's future development.



  In the end, Mr. Li Ruiguo General Manager delivered a mobilization speech. He stated that the report on the work of the board of directors is the direction and foundation for the future work of the company. In light of the actual situation of Dejian International and the report of the board of directors, he proposed: Firstly, How to continue to maintain the continuous and rapid development of Dejian international requires those middle-level and above cadres, especially those in charge of the main responsibilities to have the ability to occupy and seize the market, strengthen furtherly the position and vision of internationalization, and integrate deeply into the national “One Belt, One Road” national strategy, break the traditional the rigid thinking, expand the total business volume through investment promotion, EPC+F, and subcontracting of Central Government-Owned Enterprises; Secondly, overseas institutions and branches should strictly implement the company's standardized manuals and strictly follow the rules and regulations of the company to ensure that the quality, safety, progress, and logistical support of each country are consistent and whose risks are controllable; Thirdly, strengthen localized management and perform actively social responsibilities; Fourthly, prepare for the establishment of Dejian International’s Listing and Initial Public Offerings, standardize business management according to the requirements of the capital market, and set up working group to speed up the progress; Fifthly, Strengthen the talent team building, make use of the Programs for Excellent Talents Pool and Young Talents, and at the same time do a good job in corporate culture construction; Sixthly, we finally emphasized that all managers must be political, compliant, and establish the overall awareness, consistent with the company's values, strategic direction, and major deployments.



  2017 was an extraordinary year. Through the hard work of all employees, the company has achieved all-round victory in its work, and all indicators and company performance reached new height. In the face of rejoicing with achievements, we must also soberly recognize work of the new year. In the coming year, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the company will continue to work hard. Under the leadership of the group's board of directors, the Dejian International will work hard to develop and create a new splendor for the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the group!