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Over Imaginative Dejian International’s Goddess Festival

Over Imaginative Dejian International’s Goddess Festival

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  In misty flowery March, ladies’ rose cheeks and pink peach blossoms shine upon each other. In this sunny day, the 108th International Women's Day was also celebrated. In the morning, the company’s male compatriots spontaneously hung up banners with “Happy Holidays for their goddess”, which really brought surprises for the goddesses of Dejian International.



  After a busy morning work, the goddesses came to the beauty salon to enjoy the unique benefits of the company – beauty treatments in the afternoon. Open the door to the beauty salon, Fresh and fragrant aroma of the large bouquets of fresh flowers had been filled, which were arranged and booked secretly for the goddess by the company.At that moment, romance and happiness filled the house, while bright flowers brought out the bright smile of the goddesses. Then the goddesses started to accept beauty salon services, and some goddesses chose facial care to make themselves more radiant and shining, while some goddesses chose physical therapy to make the body healthier through massage. Everyone was comfortable to lie down and received a beautician's massage. It did not only relieve the pressure of intense and busy work, but also relaxed the mood. More importantly, it promoted the mutual feelings and fully felt the company’s care for them and the joy of the holiday belong to them only.