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Dejian International Company Held the Cookery Contest Successfully

Dejian International Company Held the Cookery Contest Successfully

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  Happy events come with the Spring. At the Morning of April 22nd , Hawaii’s staff restaurant on the third floor was full of scent and excitement. Dejian International Company cookery contest with objective of “frugal contest, food wasting avoided” was held in full swing here. Totally 10 employees participated in the competition.




  The contest is divided into three items: specified food, private food and nutrition knowledge quiz. Players on the spot come up with their best skills of peeling, cutting, frying and boiling etc trying to cook a dish which is full of flavors. After their meticulous cooking and producing, each of the dishes is attracting the audience. When the judge tasted the dishes, the contestants gave unique explanation of their creative ideas. Consequently, the judges tasted and judged the dishes in respect of time-consumed, appearance, texture, tasting and nutrition, hygiene, innovation and interpretation of dishes. After evaluation, Mr. Liu Zhiqiang from domestic project department, Mr. Li Ming from Financial Management Department and Mr. Yao Xinwei from domestic project department won the First, Second and Third prize respectively.



  May wish a promotion of employees’ communication and food culture through this cookery contest. Meanwhile, on the coming occasion of Earth Day, everyone shall protect our Earth from ourselves and advocate a green and health lifestyle.