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Construction Record - Ndola library Project,Copper-belt Province,Zambia

Construction Record - Ndola library Project,Copper-belt Province,Zambia

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  The library project of the Northern Technical College, Ndola, Copper Belt Province, which is under construction by the Shandong Dejian Group Company Zambia Limited, has successfully inspected by the supervision team of employer and the foundation construction is in full swing.

  Ndola Library Project, located in the Northern Technical College ,Ndola.  With a total construction area of 1,300 square meters, 2 storey, reinforced concrete structure. The project is complex in shape and it is the first collaboration between Shandong Dejian Group Company Zambia Limited and the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia.When we arrived at the construction site at the first time, the teachers and students of the college expressed their warm welcome to our arrival. Mr. Mulenga, the president of the college, said: "Your arrival is very exciting for our teachers and students. I hope that you will build as soon as possible and create a good learning environment for our students."Since the project is located inside of the college, the employer and supervisors have higher requirements for the civilized degree of the construction site. After entering the site, Shandong Dejian Group Company Zambia Limited actively communicates and coordinates with the relevant departments of the college, and makes full use of the site conditions through careful planning and designing. Minimizing the impact of noise and dust pollution,which has been recognized and affirmed by the college leaders.

 we will surely grasp the construction period under the premise of quality and quantity in the future. Ensure that the project is completed smoothly during the construction period required by the employer, and thoroughly improve the learning environment for the students of the Northern Technical College.