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Start from Our Side, Start from Trifles

Start from Our Side, Start from Trifles

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    Month of June is the rainy season in South Sudan. It rains almost day by day which brings us a comfortable temperature as well as many inconveniences.The company office is located in Juba City, South Sudan. Due to the government, street roads nearby company are not hardened. Upon rainy season, the road is full of water, which makes it difficult for pedestrians and vehicles.

     In view of this situation, on June 3rdall the staffs of South Sudan Branch decided to repair the damaged streets during break time.The company buys lots of soil and elevate & compact the road by loader.

Throughthe efforts in an afternoon, ravines is completely filledand garbage are buried. The residents nearby send their gratitude for the clean and tidy road.

     This collective activity not only facilitates the travel of the company staffs &the surrounding residents, but also enhances the cohesion of team.South Sudan Branch will start from our side and start from trifles, actively participating in local construction and development and further transmitting positive energy.