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Contribute to the Torch Relay ---Tanzania Project Department Renovates the Road of Torch Relay

Contribute to the Torch Relay ---Tanzania Project Department Renovates the Road of Torch Relay

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     July 7 of each year is the ‘Independence Day’ of Tanzania as well asthe commemoration dayof torch relay ending.Inthe official language of Tanzania - Kiswahilii, free torch is called‘Mwenge wa Uhuru’ meaning the torch of freedom and light. The image of torch is even embodied in the national emblem of Tanzania.Every year, for the coming of Independence Day, the torch will pass all over the country, symbolizing the illumination of the whole nation, the hope of despair, the love of those who hateand the respect of those who have resentfulness.The word ‘Uhuru’frequently appears in the naming of hotels, streets, schools and beaches.Even in remote mountainous areas, people are still full of expectations about the torch relay.

     As the torch relay will pass by the place nearby second half of 50KM highway project - Km89 + 400 which is under Dejian construction,in order to improve the road condition of the torch relay, the Tanzania Project Department according to request from Employer of Njombe Highway Bureau starts to renovate the road.During road renovation, one grader, one sprinkler truck and one road roller are deployed.It takes three days to repair the temporary road of original 2m widthand rough ground into a 7m width and 700m length official road.

     Looking at the flat road after construction, Tanzania project managers felt the eager hope for the torch relay and gratitude for the Dejian international Co. from the eyes of the surrounding residents and children.

We firmly believe that when the 50KM highway project is completed, the villagers along the road will be filled with more beautiful yearning for the future upon the completion of 50KM highway project. Dejian International will continue to contribute her strength for the construction of Tanzania's cities.