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Where there is a will there is a way

Where there is a will there is a way

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As a technician with 6 years of road construction experience, I go abroad for my first time to come to Africa with a new, perturbed and full of hope heart.

It took me 48 hours to arrive to the construction site of project, which located in Enjonbe, Tanzania.Theleader took me to know more about the environment of the construction site, the progress of works and the engineering situationsince I just came to the construction site and I am not familiar with the surrounding environment, which let me have a general understanding of this project.Thedifficulty of construction of the road is not hard and the standard of its only domestic three-level, but they apply international high standards to control construction, which in one word is: road and request are totally different.Our leader assigned me a task about the earthworkexcavation in the front section of the project, which is a challenge for me.My main mission is filling operation of large-bridge, structure and earthwork in domestic. Compared with excavationwork, I don’t have much experience, but the work is interlinked. With my many years of construction experience, I didn’t have too much adaptation and adjustment, and I was involved in the intense work as soon as possible.

The first problem that I encountered was language barrier. The local language of Tanzania is Kiswahili, and the people who are educated speak English. As for me, I only can use drawing and sign language to communicate with them since my English are not fluent. But it isn’t a long plan for the future, so I use night time for remembering the common words, and Ifamiliar with communication way through talking with local people. It took me less than a month to overcome the language barrier and communicate with the locals.

Due to the hard life in foreign countries, we will go out for dinner every weekend, the first is to affirm the work, secondly is to put forward shortcomings in the work, and thirdly is to putforward higher requirements for our future work. There is one time that Iremembered is personin charge said:” whoever has completed300 units of digging assignment per daywill be rewarded with one sheep”. We will see how many sheep you can raise.I remembered this and regard it as my next goal. In order to speed up the progress, I will spend my time on drawing reference every single night.In the low excavation section, the excavator puts out the line and opens the ditch. The circular operation of the high excavation section, the three-level four-level slope, the cooperation of three excavators, the single mechanical work, does not waste time on the allocation; The narrow working is divided into sections to "unload the height". On the premise of not blocking traffic, the high slope is finished with the fastest speed, and then the machinery is concentrated to complete the low section excavation in the shortest time. My one-day workload grow with each passing day, 150 units, 200 units, 260 units, finally, I finished my goal, which is 300 units per day at the fourth day of our leader promised us about the prize. Definitely it is not only my achievements, but also all brothers who supported me (for example, my leader Tanli and PD leader Sibo), they helped me a lot. But we didn’t regard the 300 units as the end point, continuously, we finished three times in a week and 20,000 square-degreeexcavation was successfully completed within 7days. After back to the base and look at the goats that our leader bought it for us, I know it’s not only support of brothers, but also leader’s thumbs up to us.

we are not afraid about any difficulties and regard all difficulties as joy. Our unique art is do not afraid about any difficulties. I learned a lot in 3 months and I believed that it will be an amazing memory for me. As a conclusion, the things lead me to accomplish my mission is my right goal that makes me successful.