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Thousands of miles away to send warmth

Thousands of miles away to send warmth

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  "Yes, a quilt cover is very warm, nice"...... "I think more than before, was comfortable, too thick"...... Looking at the phone screen pop up a message, my heart felt a burst of warmth.

  In the middle of October, considering the coming winter of Algeria, the leaders of the company are always concerned about the cold and warm conditions of the construction workers in the country. After communicating with the person in charge of the country, it was learned that the local quilt could not keep out the cold. After the communication between the relevant departments, the Ministry of labor decided to purchase the goods in china. The goods more than three, the low quality of the quilt is negative, and finally chose the Xinjiang military cotton quilt. Inspection, packaging, every link we strive for perfection, hoping to early quilts shipped abroad. The original plan by sea quilts will be shipped abroad, consider shipping time and easy to damp quilt, the quilt of workers from abroad on the grounds. Up to now, quilts have been sent to the hands of every construction worker in afghanistan.

  It is only part of the daily work of the Ministry of labor to send warm action. The Ministry of labor, as an important department to appoint workers, must do every job well in the country, and ensure that every overseas personnel has no worries!