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Summary Meeting of The First Half of 2018——Held by Shandong Dejian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., LTD

Summary Meeting of The First Half of 2018——Held by Shandong Dejian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., LTD

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     On the afternoon of 17th July, “The summary meeting of the first half of 2018, Dejian International” was held in Room 2311 of Dejian Sahreholdings Building. This meeting was hosted by  Mr.Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International. All personnel of Dejian International Office, head of overseas institutions, and members of the domestic project department participated in this meeting.

     At the meeting, the heads of the six major departments of Dejian International:the marketing department, project management department, financial management department, comprehensive office, trade department and labor department, successively reported the summary in the first half of 2018, and the work plan for the second half of 2018.

     According to the current development of company, Mr.Li Ruiguo, the General Manager summed up the work in the first half of 2018, and arranged for the work in the second half of this year. He requested: First, seriously implement the management of existing construction projects, and strive to promote the operation of new projects; The second is to increase the follow-up of financing projects, and make breakthroughs in project design; Third, make sure that the implementation of the assessment system for business personnel and play a positive role in stimulating; Fourth, domestic departments facilitate the overseas production to ensure that all the work is carried out smoothly; the fifth is to carry out system reform in a timely manner, and the management of sub-districts is implemented in foreign countries; the sixth is to ensure employee welfare, so that employees have a sense of belonging;Seventh,seriously implement the personnel training and boldly promote new people.

     Finally, Mr.Li Ruiguo, the General Manager, stressed that the current African market is not like the market situation ten years ago. I hope that the managers of the departments and above, the heads of overseas institutions and other middle and senior managements should have a sense of crisis, and at the same time face the new market situation,a positive innovation awareness is necessary. How to intensively work on the existing markets, how to develop new markets, and how to increase profit growth points are issues that we must consider now.