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Record of Water Supply Project in Kuito, Bie Province, Angola

Record of Water Supply Project in Kuito, Bie Province, Angola

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     In the early morning golden sunshine, accompanied by a roar of machine, a powerful manipulator arm makes the first shovel of Kuito water supply project.Thisshovel make announcements to citizens in Quito, Bie province that clean and convenient tapping water will be available to all families in the near future.The project is the first water conservancy project to be built by Dejian Angola Branch and the it’s the first large-scale family water supply networkproject in Kuito, Bie province, which symbolizesQuitois moving into a era of potable water for all citizens.

     The water supply project is distributed in four major districtsnearly 5,000 households of Kuito City. It is mainly composed of the water intake pumping station at Gugama River in Kuito City, raw water pipeline, water treatment station, water purification gravity main pipeline, two water reservoirs and inlet pipe network. The water distribution network is about 100km length. After completion, the project can not only ensure the domestic water consumption in four regions, but also supply the water consumption in the main urban area of Quito.Let the residents inside and outside the city of Quito stop drinking polluted water, reduce the occurrence of diseases and improve living standards.

    The emphasis of this project is on hot-melt pipelinewhich is not good for us who have professional experiences on civil construction, but we are not affected by technical limitations.Company leader arranges to purchase hot-melt equipment for study in advance. After mastering the theoretical knowledge of hot-melt technology, the company's technicians and workers have passed one by one hot-melt tests In the meanwhile, the company has also trained a number of local workers to learn from the way of using hot - melt machine to the final perfect connection of hot - melt pipe. All construction personnel have mastered the hot-melt technology in advance before construction commencement, which greatly improves efficiency of work.Prior to construction, our company carries out ranging and numbering statistics on the households of the four districts as requested by the Employer.However,the disordered distribution of residential house in the four districts creates a lot of difficulties for our work. Through time by time topographic investigation and scheme discussion, a satisfactory result is given to the Employer.When we face with difficulties, the companystaffsalways think of the encouragement from leader ‘when problems occur, think of measures to overcome instead of letting ourselves down.

    The people-benefit water supply project was not only supported by the government, but also praised by the residents.The Minister of Water and Power ministry and the Director of the Department of Police Administration of Biye Province visited the construction site. Minister of water and power ministry said ‘Kuito water supply project is not only a water conservancy project, but also a livelihood project.The execution of project will fundamentally solve the water supply problem in and out of Kuito City and meet the long-term water demand of residents. It is of great significance to promote the urban construction and future development of Quito City.Director of the Department of Police Administrationhas deployed polices to patrol the construction site in order to prevent construction from disturbance by lawbreakers.The local residents are even inspired. They keep sending gratitude to our construction team and ask the date of potable water supply.

     By the supports from local government and the encouragement of the local residents, all construction personnel strictly supervise construction quality, plan ahead, control construction progress, coordinate the problems and difficulties existed in course of construction in a timely manner, ensure the smooth implementation of project and make an excellent project with best practices so as tosupply clean & assured water for Quito residents.