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Symposium On “Chairman Jin’s Speech At Changbai Mountain Conference”

Symposium On “Chairman Jin’s Speech At Changbai Mountain Conference”

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     On the morning of 2nd ,August, Dejian International held the first in-depth symposium attended by the members of the Strategic Development Committee around “Chairman Jin’s Speech At the Changbai Mountain Conference”. The meeting was hosted by Mr.Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International.

     At the meeting, Mr.Li Ruiguo,the General Manager communicated with the members on the sentiments of the Changbai Mountain Conference. He pointed out that the speech of Mr.Jin Haiyang,The chairman of the Board of Directors,at the Changbai Mountain Conference put forward that encouraging the Group to learn “going-out Strategy”and how to going -out is crucial. The members of the Strategic Development Committee expressed their opinions on Chairman Jin’s Speech.Based on the current development situation of Dejian International and the opinions of the members, Mr.Li Ruiguo raised the following questions: First, the innovative thinking of diversified development of overseas business is still constrained. we must think about that how to innovate and effective ways of innovation; Second, the development platforms that can be used are few, We must think about how to explore the platform from multiple fields, and actively promote financing and foreign aid projects; Third, we must focus on the central enterprises as an important business activity, and strive to subcontract engineering projects of large central enterprises. To expand the platform, then we must think about how to connect with central enterprises and how to carry out their work.In the end, Mr. Li Ruiguo asked all members to use their brains and brainstorming to think deeply about how the above work was carried out, how to stand on a higher perspective for the future development of the company, and he stressed that the symposium was only an attempt. Members who attended the symposium are in important positions. They must have a sense of urgency for the development of company. To truly exert the initiative of their position, we must gather more constructive opinions when we hold the next symposium.