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Built Profound Base and Forward Diligent -- The minister of engineering, transport and communications department of Tanzania vi

Built Profound Base and Forward Diligent -- The minister of engineering, transport and communications department of Tanzania vi

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Local time on August 18, 2018, an inspector group led by Mr.Isack Aloyce Kamwelwe , minister of engineering, transport and communications department of Tanzania,visited and guided the construction of luseon-mawengi (50KM) concrete road that contract to build by Tanzania branch office and was accompanied by the governor of  Njombe province and officials of the highway bureau. The inspector group not only got deep into the construction site to check the construction rate of progress ,the quality of construction , the schedule of work , safety in production etc but also debriefed from the construction units and supervising units.

This road is the first cement and concrete road in Tanzania with a total length of 50km, starting from LUSITU town and about 820km from the capital city of Dar es salaam. It is an important hub for promoting the development of local resources and driving economic growth along the routes.The project is located in the mountainous area of southwest Tanzania, with rugged topography, steep mountains and cliffy valleys along the road. The construction difficulty is unusual, and the project is faced with severe delay in payment by the owner and distant sources of materials along the road. At present, half of the main road excavation has been completed, the road backfilling has been completed 10km with C1 materials laid, and the stone reserve is about 40,000 cubic meters.

The inspector group checked the situation of K50 start point , building stone factory,excavate and backfilling part of K63,commercial concrete station,structural construction etc along the routes.Minister Isack Aloyce Kamwelw spoke highly to the construction of project and expressed his satisfaction with the quality, progress, performance capacity and spirit of the construction . He hoped that the project could start to construct C1 and concrete roads and bring benefits to the local economic development of soon as possible.


The inspection group 's affirmation of the project  greatly encouraged the morale of all the staff in the branch office. The project manager , Liu Changshun said"The leader of enterprise paid high attention to the project and come to the construction site frequently in person to guide the work .Through the affirmation of this inspection, we will make persistent efforts, with high standards, strict requirements, careful organization and planning. The Tanzania project team has the confidence and ability to complete the target on time with quality and quantity guaranteed under the premise of legal compliance."with full of confidence.