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Tanzania Branch Office Conduct Gou Ji Poker Game for Employees

Tanzania Branch Office Conduct Gou Ji Poker Game for Employees

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For further enrich the culture life of employees ,to relax the pressure of intense construct work in dry season and to promote communication and friendship.The First First Session of Gou Ji poker game for employees held by Tanzania branch office.Total24 participants joined in the competition. They were divided into eight groups by drawing lots, and the three round system and the integral system were adopted.

Duringthetwo-weekendscompetition,the participants strictly abide by the rules of the game, follow the tenet of "friendship first,competition second", and show their vigorous and enterprising spirit. Finally, the team led by Tang Kai won the first prize in the competition, the team led by Feng Zhiguo and the teamled by Gu Hengchao won the second and third prize.

This competitionfully reflects the importance of cultural and recreational activities in the work, truly let the staff and workers leave the exhaustion of work behind,back to the tense workwith more enthusiasm and make contribute to the highway construction of their energy!