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Enjoy the Badminton and Enjoy the Healthy Happy Life

Enjoy the Badminton and Enjoy the Healthy Happy Life

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     In order to enrich the staff's cultural and recreational activities; enhance the staff's  health awareness; create a team spirit that unites and assists harmonious development; and demonstrates the energetic spirit of the company's workforce, Dejian International Company held the Second Badminton Competition at the badminton hall of Huangming Gymnasium on the morning of September 30th.

The men's singles is hotly contested

The women's singles fought fiercely

      This badminton competition consisted of 6 events: men's singles, women's singles, fixed-point goals, in-field ball, end ball relay, and Fuwa's goals. As badminton has a broad mass base in the company, and is deeply loved by the staff, this competition has been highly valued and actively participated by various departments, and it is worth mentioning that the men’s singles eventwas registered for up to 26 people.Although the weather was cool on the day of the game, it was very hot on the field. Each contestant in the individual competition continued the spirit of indomitableat work to the competition. Moreover, each contestant in the team competition has achieved unity, mutual assistance and cooperation.After intense competition, each competition selected the champion, and the department manager awarded the prize to them.

The goal - set goal test the player's stability and accuracy

A player who is standing still wins


The relay requires cooperation

      Through the competition, it showed the wonderful moments of the athletes in Dejian International Company, and the spirit of the staff to struggle hard and strive to reach the top. Furthermore, this competition fully mobilized the participation and enthusiasm of the staff, and better promoted the company's corporate culture construction.

The champion of men's and women's singles receives the prize

The champion of fixed goal and stationary ball receives the prize


The end - ball relay, fuwa snatch ball by the same team won the championship