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1273 Aluminum film project in Algeria is on proceeding

1273 Aluminum film project in Algeria is on proceeding

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     With the last tank of concrete is poured,NO.84 of the 1273 Aluminum film project has capped,and we have finished 3 main building cap of No.63,No.83 and No.84.It has been 5 months since the beginning of the project,and due to the first time we apply Aluminum alloy formwork construction,we were lack of experience at construction and arrangement,and there are many other problems such as tight schedule,some recruitment difficulties and slow project payment,which made the construction progress hindered.However,with the great unity of all the staff,we hold engineering meetings every day,the management personnel of each post summarized the daily construction situation and put forward rectification opinions. On this basis, gradually established and improved various construction systems.After several months of construction, the project department has gradually mastered the construction experience, the workers' operational skills are more skilled, and the problem of localized employment has been solved. Now the construction is on the right track.For now.building No.63 has started to decorate,and we have faith that with the hard work of all the staff,this project will be completed on time perfectly !