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President of CDB (China Development Bank) Zhao Jianhuavisited the Zambian company

President of CDB (China Development Bank) Zhao Jianhuavisited the Zambian company

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On October 17 local time in Zambia, President Zhao Jianhua of the ChinaDevelopment Bank (CDB) visited the base of Zambia company for a field survey.

After arriving at the base, Zhao Jianhua and his delegation first held a meeting with the main management of the Zambian engineering company.After the enthusiastic discussion with Huang Meng, deputy general manager of DejianInternational, Wang Hongbing, general manager of Zambia company and other management personnel, Zhao Jianhua first gave high praise to the solar power mill project and put forward some pertinent suggestions to the evaluation report of the mill project. Huang Meng introduced to the guests about the current construction progress of the mill plant project, the benefit and effectiveness of the Zambia Cooperative Federation, the overall operation status of the project and after-sale service, etc., listened to the feasible suggestions put forward by Zhao modestly, and expressed gratitude to CDB for its financing support.Zhao Jianhuasaid our country are very support about using solar energy to help African countries built projects, especially benefit the people of Africa, and he also gave some advises to Zambia engineering company upon soybean oil project.He strongly support under the national “the One Belt One Road initiative” that Chinese enterprises come to Africa to help the local government build project for serving the people.

After the meeting, Zhao Jianhua visited the comprehensive facilities of the base, including the office building, warehouse, Steel structure processing plant, sports facilities, etc. Our company’s efficient and dedicated team work style impressedZhao a lot. Zhao said that he hopes to further strengthen communication and cooperation with Dejian, on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results in the future and expand more space for cooperation.


Zhao Jianhua’s visit to the base of Zambia engineering company enhanced the trust and understanding of both sides, and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.