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KindnessIs on the Road, Keep Moving forward|Dejian International Zambia Engineering Company donates to the Munali community

KindnessIs on the Road, Keep Moving forward|Dejian International Zambia Engineering Company donates to the Munali community

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On 6thNovember, Zambia local time, DejianInternationalZambia Engineering Company made a donation to the Munalicommunity. Ms. Hon.Nkandu Luo, Minister of Higher Education of Zambia and Munali Community Member, and all management personnel of DejianZambia Engineering Company participated in the donation activities. The DejianZambian engineering company donated breakfast cornmeal, tooling, gloves, bottled drinking water and other daily necessities to the residents of the Mnarri community.

 At the donation ceremony, the representatives of the Munali community first expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the DejianZambian engineering company. At the same time, they said that it was this kind of charity that enabled the residents of the community to improve their lives and live a life of reassuringand hope.Huang Meng, deputy chief ofOperating of Dejian InternationalCo,.LTD, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the community staff for their cooperation. He also expressed gratitude to Ms. Luo for her long-term support and concern for Shandong Dejian.Dejian has always valued the fulfillment of social responsibility, and has always been practicing it, actively spreading the company's positive energy, insisting on integrity, knowing how to be grateful, and constantly improving itself in a down-to-earth manner.This donation activity has deepened the connection and cooperation between Shandong Dejian and the community, and also deepened the residents' understanding of Shandong Dejian, the recognition of the Dejianculture. Shandong Dejian and Munali communitieswill go hand in hand to create a better life for the residentsin the future development.

In the end, Ms. Hon.Nkandu Luodelivered a speech, first expressing her gratitude to the Shandong DejianZambian engineering company for its kind donation to the community. At the same time, she indicated that the solar mill project constructed by DejianZambia Engineering Company was carried out within the whole territory of Zambia, providing residents with job opportunities and improving the lives of residents. Without exception, it demonstrated the progressive strength brought by Dejian to Zambian society. Ms. Luo said: "Our friendship with Shandong Dejian is indestructible. Seeing how hard they work, the Zambian people can learn a lot!"

After the end of the donation, everyone did not leave in a hurry, but gathered together to leave a precious photo in front of the camera. We are on the same piece of land, looking up to the same starry sky and breathing under a blue sky, hoping that the Zambian people can live better.