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Perform Social Responsibility to Provide Help for Local Public Welfare

Perform Social Responsibility to Provide Help for Local Public Welfare

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As the rainy season approaching Ludewa District of Njombe Region in Tanzania where the 50km Road Project is located in, the Project Management Department warm actively performs its social responsibility to provide help for local public welfare. 

Facing the inconvenient and unsafe situation when kids or students playing the balls on the simple public football field nearby the Contractor’s camp in Masimbwe town due to the rough ground-surface as a result of building it along the foothills, and the crude classrooms with wall cracks and worn cement floor of the Masimbwe public technical school built 20 years ago, the Project Management Department organizes and leads the local employee to weed, level and compact the public football field with graders and rollers, and sets a wooden goal, and conducts service works, inclusive of chiseling, washing, grouting, trowel and calendaring, etc., on cracked wall and worn ground, which have been highly praised by Masimbwe mayor, local villagers, headmaster of school and teachers and students, as well as the Engineers and the Employer.

In the future, the Tanzania Project Management Department will be more actively involved in social public benefits activities and local public charities, and will perform social responsibility and provide help for local public welfare in order to make the DEJIAN brand bigger and stronger in Tanzania or other oversea markets.