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Dejian International 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference Held Successfully

Dejian International 2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference Held Successfully

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   Dejian International leadership team, domestic departments, project departments, representatives of the staff members and their families who have returned from abroad of more than 80 people, gathered in the conference hall of MeiLi HuaHotel, held the 2018 annual summary and commendation conferenceat 2:30 PM on January 22.Zhou Zhenqi, who are general manager of DejianHoldings, Ma Zhixin, who are deputy general manager of DejianHoldings, vice chairman and general manager of DejianGroup attended the conference.Each foreign institution listens through the video meeting.

   The meeting was presided over by deputy general manager Huang Meng.First, Xu Hongfeng, vice-president of production of Dejian International, read out <The Decision on The Recognition of Advanced Collectives and Individuals in 2018>.




   Zhang Chengfang and Leng Guangkuo give an acceptance speechas an advanced representative. They expressed their gratitude for the development platform provided by our company, at the same time, they said they would devote themselves to the work in 2019 with greater enthusiasm.


     General manager Li Ruiguo made a summary of the work in 2018 and a report on the work arrangement in 2019.He reported his work achievements in 2018 in detail from the aspects of the development of subordinate companies, market promotion, inner management, talent introduction and training, social responsibility fulfillment, and staff affection care. At the same time, he proposed the overall working ideas of 2019: “One major industry, Two major markets, Three sectors”,and arranged overseas market layout, standardization, innovative development and other aspects.

    Mr. Zhou Zhenqi, general manager of DejianHoldings, made an important speech. Mr. Zhou first expressed his gratitude to all DejianInternational employees and their families for their contributions to the company’s development, and then congratulated the honored employees.At the same time, five requirements were put forward for the next year’s work of DejianInternational:First, continue to explore new areas. Seek new development opportunities in engineering, trade and investment; The second is to prevent project risks. While pursuing the maximization of interests, we should learn to prevent risks such as operation, exchange rate and performance; Third, we will strengthen the ranks of talented people. At the present stage, the talent reserve is relatively perfect, but it is insufficient in the development of new fields.Fourth, strengthen internal unit coordination and communication. Other branches of Dejian are inexperienced in going out, therefore,DejianInternational has the responsibility of coordinating management and continues to strengthen the system construction of going out;Fifth, we will continue to improve internal management. DejianInternational has its own advantages, but also has its own limitations of self-development, need to improve the level of internal management constantly.

   Finally, with the support of the Holding Company, Mr. Zhou hopes that DejianInternational can successfully complete all the targets in 2019 and become an advanced unit for going out.