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During the Spring Festival, Dejian International CO.,LTD Overseas employees stick to their posts

During the Spring Festival, Dejian International CO.,LTD Overseas employees stick to their posts

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    When the bell of the New Year in the Year of the pig was ringing, the overseas workers of Dejian International, who are far away from home, are still fighting at the front line of work. At this moment of reunion, they silently adhered to positions in various parts of Africa. They set up a small home, care for everyone, poured their deep homesickness into reinforced concrete, and built up with responsibility, loyalty and dedication. The mission of Dejian people has added a splendid color to the magnificent paintings of Dejian International's overseas business.In order to alleviate the worries of the overseas workers of Dejian International in Africa and their families, the overseas companies and project departments plan ahead and make every effort to prepare rich festival activities for foreign employees.

Full of family reunion dinner - Zambia branch

    For the staff who are overseas, a reunion dinner full of family flavor is the most beautiful expectation during the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to add a good taste to the staff, they organize in advance and encourage everyone to sign up for the Spring Festival Gala. On the morning of February 4th, Zambia company office building, posted Spring Festival couplets, stickers, dumplings, etc., the multi-purpose hall ushered in the staff of the New Year reunion, where the staff and the party performances, interactive prize games, Spring Festival welfare lottery and other activities are being carried out.

Celebrate the New Year and promote production together - Sudan Branch

   On the occasion of the coming of the New Year, the construction of the Sudanese National Club and the International Park project on the large and small construction sites of the Sudanese company is the most stressful and difficult task. Although close to the new year, the construction staff still maintains a full working enthusiasm. In the case that the average temperature during the day is as high as nearly 40 degrees Celsius, everyone is still busy in their respective positions. The constant high temperature tests the morale of the Dejian people, and the sweat has already been soaked all over the body. Workers choose to reduce the rest time and work wholeheartedly on the construction front.The construction at night was also not slack, and the project construction site was equipped with sufficient lighting facilities, leaving no blind side to ensure the safety of the construction workers. Taking advantage of the cooler weather at night, the workers were more energetic, and they were fighting hard. In the case of ensuring safety first, everyone is working hard to improve efficiency and progress. When talking about spending the Spring Festival abroad this year, everyone agreed that the passion of work will be even higher when they think of their loved ones at home.



Work is busy, the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is very strong - Algeria branch

   After the Algerian company successfully delivered 888 residential projects in 2018, it also undertook 1272 sets of aluminum mold residential projects. The huge construction volume has made the employees busy for a year, and their spirits are highly tense. Their efforts have been highly recognized by Party A. . In the New Year's Eve, they temporarily put down their nervousness and tried to take time out of their busy work, in order to have a happy year. Early in the morning, they posted Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns, and preparing for the family reunion dinner. Everyone cooks together, dumplings, and laughter comes from time to time in the kitchen.


Sticking to the post does not complain - South Sudan Branch

   On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the South Sudan company organized a celebration of all the staff. On the morning of the New Year’s Eve, all the staff members of the group took a group photo and left their mark on the Spring Festival in South Sudan. All the staff were then organized to conduct lottery and fruit distribution activities. At 11 o'clock noon, the dinner was officially started. The rich lunch and delicious food alleviated everyone's missed family. After receiving the blessings from China, everyone was very motivated. The workers working in South Sudan are warriors. Under the difficult conditions of South Sudan, they did not retreat or give up. They took care of the overall situation and remained there.




Ordinary post, warm reunion - Angola branch

   Post Spring Festival couplets, make games, make dumplings, big dinners... Although the Angolan company has fewer people, they still carry out the fun of the Spring Festival. They distributed a wealth of daily necessities to each employee in the form of ferrules. At the midday of the New Year's Eve, a prize-winning raffle was held. Everyone ate, laughed, and said, while watching the Spring Festival Gala, while making dumplings, it pushed the atmosphere of the New Year to a climax. Everyone opened a video call and greeted the family and congratulated the New Year. Everyone said: The Spring Festival cannot be reunited at home, it is for work, and it is the need of the company's development.


Happy, red through the New Year - Tanzania Project Department

    No matter how far apart, how busy the work, on the New Year's Eve at the end of the year, people always want to go home and have a good dinner with their families. The workers who failed to return to China on the 50KM highway project of the Tanzania Project Department conducted various Spring Festival customs. Everyone has enjoyed a rich New Year, and although they are in a foreign land, the atmosphere of the New Year is still very strong.


Different kind of New Year - Zimbabwe Project Department

   The workers who work in Zimbabwe, their New Year has both traditional activities and ingenuity. After the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, they will organize all the managers to visit the world-famous tourist attraction Victoria Falls. Everyone was talking and laughing along the way, and the shock of the world’s largest waterfall made everyone happy. The local special lunch is a perfect ending for the game. Everyone agrees: If you stick to overseas markets, you must learn to make fun of it and learn to relieve stress.


    The busy Spring Festival holiday is just a microcosm of the dedication of the work of various countries and positions in the past 15 years since Dejian International went overseas. Every time Dejian International has worked overseas, there is a hard-working person behind it, and behind everyone, there is a silent support and dedication of one or even several families. For the company's development, they are far from home, away from their loved ones, and stick to their posts. This kind of persistence is like a thick story. When you really approach these most lovely people, you can open their wonderful stories. From them, we have seen a kind of beauty, a kind of dedication to the family, and the beauty of dedication; it is moving and admirable; from them, we feel a kind of power, which is based on the down-to-earth and hard work spirit. They are one-sided flags and stars. It is the most solid force for the development and growth of Dejian International!