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Spring Breeze Sends Warm, Walk Together with Love

Spring Breeze Sends Warm, Walk Together with Love

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On April 2, Zambia local time, Xu Hongfeng, deputy general manager of DejianInternational and all the management staff of Zambia Engineering Company came to the CBTO orphanage in Kamenga community in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, to send love to the children in the orphanage.The kamenga district councillor, the head of the Ministry of General Education and the head of the Ministry of health attended the donation ceremony.The donations included cooking oil, corn flour, sugar and other necessities, as well as pencils, erasers and notebooks for study.

At the donation ceremony, Wang Hongbing, general manager of Zambia Engineering Company, made a speech as the representative of the donor. He said Dejian will continue to pass on this love, provide help to people in need and do its part. He also hoped that the friendly relations between China and Zambia will continue.

The director of CBTO orphanage expressed his deep gratitude to Shandong Dejian International Zambia Engineering Company for this kind act and expressed his best wishes for Dejian’s development in Zambia.Then the children in the orphanage expressed their joy with innocent songs and lively dances.

In the future, Shandong DejianInternational Zambia Engineering Company will continue to carry out more charity activities, inherit the corporate culture of dedication, carry forward the corporate spirit of helping others, and fulfill social responsibilitiesactively and earnestly.