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The Delegation of Gezhouba International LTD Visited Dejian International LTD

The Delegation of Gezhouba International LTD Visited Dejian International LTD

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On 1st April , Mr. Li Wuqun, Director of Collection Center of China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.(Gezhouba International LTD), and Mr. Fu Yongjun, General Manager and related personnel visited Dejian International LTD. They visited the Exhibition Hall, the Building Planning and Surveying and Design Institute, the Steel Structured Industrial Park, the PC Structured Industrial Park and the Qianwei Community Project.

    First of all, the two sides held a discussion and negotiation in the Dejian International Conference Room. Mr. Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International LTD, and related department Managers attended the symposium. At the meeting, Mr. Li Ruiguo introduced the development of Dejian's overseas business. Mr.Wang Yanlin, Vice President of the Survey and Design Institute, introduced the business situation of the institute, and fully demonstrated the overall capacity and performance of Dejian to Gezhouba through watching the promotional videos.

Subsequently, Mr. Fu Yongjun, gave a detailed introduction to the global business distribution and key development projects, and conducted in-depth communication on the upcoming cooperation between the two companies upon the Trinidad and Tobago housing projects in the Caribbean. At the same time, the delegation of Gezhouba International LTD made a detailed understanding of the organizational structure and staffing of Dejian International LTD, and said that in addition to the housing projects above mentioned, the two companies would further strengthen the joint development and cooperation of other overseas markets on the basis of complementary advantages.

The visit of the delegation of Gezhouba International LTD is another important step, which taken by Dejian International LTD in recent years to actively strengthen the docking with the central enterprises.