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South Africa's Loapi Investments Companyvisited Dejian International CO.,LTD

South Africa's Loapi Investments Companyvisited Dejian International CO.,LTD

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   On April 13th, Ms. Evah Montsho, Chairman of Loapi Investments Companyof South Africa, and Mr. Andrew, General Manager of the company, Mr. EranceMotalane, the General Counsel of the Enterprise, and Ms. Zhang Minmin, Manager of the International Business Department, visited the Dejian International CO.,LTDand held an exchange meeting.


  Ms. Evah Montsho and her colleagues first visited the Dejian International Exhibition Hall.

   After the visit, the two sides held a discussion meeting. Xu Hongfeng, deputy general manager of Dejian International, and relevant department managers attended the symposium.At the meeting, Xu Hongfeng, the deputy general manager, introduced the development of Dejian International's overseas business. And by watching the Dejian holding company promotional film and the solar mill and irrigation comprehensive project, Dejian fully demonstrated the company's overall strength and performance to Loapi Investments Company. Then, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the background, possibilities and prospects of mutual cooperation in housing construction, roads, bridges, infrastructure, new energy construction and agriculture, and signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Ms.Evah Montsho, Chairman of Loapi Investments, highly appreciated the development of Dejian and gave a brief introduction to Loapi Investments. Loapi Investments is a 100% African-female-owned company managed by professional African women and men who work together to reduce unemployment through skills transfer and economic empowerment in the local community. She emphasized that the business capabilities of the two sides are highly complementary and can strengthen the joint development and cooperation of the South African market in projects such as electricity, housing construction, new energy construction and agriculture. Later, Mr. Andrew, General Manager of Loapi Investments, and Mr. Erance Motalane, General Counsel of the company, all talked about the understanding and expectation of the possibility of strengthening cooperation between the two parties, and hope that through international cooperation, the two sides can achieve complementary advantages. On the basis of the huge market potential of South Africa, through the sincere cooperation, the two sides not only have the opportunity to get South Africa's projects, but also more likely to radiate the surrounding areas of South Africa and get more cooperation opportunities.

Subsequently, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation on the meeting.

   The arrival of Loapi Investments Companyis another important step for Dejian International to actively expand its overseas business and enrich the diversity of overseas engineering projects.