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2017 Photo Exhibition

2017 Photo Exhibition

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Special Award

Title: boat

Work description: broad calm river,  a  local station in the lone ship's net.

Author: Dong Jinzhuo

Setting: Zambia  engineering  company



The first prize

Title: love nest

Work description: strolling in the courtyard suddenly saw a bird's nest, and garden landscape complement each other, their long stand on the branches above, despite the turbulent times, from the side to show the young bird's life well!

Author: Shang Hongliang

Setting: Zambia engineering company



Two prize


Description: one of the three great falls in the world, known as the Great Falls of Vitoria, is a beautiful waterfall. It is visible and beautiful after the swift flow and the formation of water vapor!

Author: Wang Hongbing

Setting: Zambia engineering company



Two prize

Title: no venga

Work description: as long as there is a positive and optimistic spirit of persistence and never give up, you can wait until the clouds moon day, restore justice.

Author: Wei Hongsheng

Setting: Angola engineering company



Three prize

Title: we made it

Description: after four days of training, we became the first qualified solar mill operator in the world!

Author: Xu Xintao

Setting: Zambia engineering company



Three prize

Name of work: blue sea of sea and sky

Description: on the mountain will indulge in nature's scenery, the sea and the sky blue one, don't know where is the end of the day the starting point of the sea, and the reach of the cloud cluster Jincu, shocking.

Author: Shang Xinying

Setting: Algeria engineering company



Three prize

Family name: affection

Explanation: the little boy held his sister tightly for fear that someone would take her. Affection is the longest lasting relationship, and family affection is priceless!

Author: Huang Juyuan

Unit: domestic project department