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In 2016, the mobile photography competition won the prize

In 2016, the mobile photography competition won the prize

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Special award:

Sultan engineering company in Shuzhen

The pure eyes

Shooting time: at the end of 2015

Location: Sultan orphanage

Mobile phone brand and model: Apple 5S

The stories behind the works: an orphan at the end of 2015 Shandong construction group Sultan engineering company of foreign employees love to send warmth to the Sultan orphans donations took photos from the child's eyes to see his innocence, he saw the peace of mind from innocence, the heart is moved and curious we Zhebang Chinese. And full of hope for the future.


The first prize:

Algeria project department: Xinying

Its name is "bright moon on the sea"

Filming time: April 2016

Location: the coast of nice, France

Mobile phone brand and model: Apple 5

The story behind it: the nice shores of the night, the quiet and mysterious sea, the bright moon, but the flowers prevailed.



Two prize:

Sultan engineering company: Cui Zhian, Title: "sandstorm swallow city", time: July 10, 2016, location: Sultan, mobile phone brands and models: HUAWEI Mate7, works behind the story: changing the weather in Sultan, before the moment of blue skies, suddenly wind side, the wind raging, hiding in the early sunset the western world began to dim, gloomy, accompanied by the smell of dust, diffuse in the indoor and outdoor, let you nowhere to hide, only through the continuous time, but feel that the world is very fair.

Sultan engineering company: Zhou Xiaoguang, Title: "" time: Our wills unite like a fortress., July 16, 2016 location: Sultan International Park site, mobile phone brands and models: SM-N910H, works behind the story: the basis of International Park raft play ash, for everyone Our wills unite like a fortress. stage victory, engineering, well prepared.




Three prize:

Zimbabwe project department: Wang Hongbing works: "high arch" time: August 12, 2016 location: Zimbabwe Harare city commercial center, mobile phone brand and type: red rice 3S, works behind the story: Zimbabwe is located near the National Stadium of the city shopping center, is owned by the enterprise in the development of large commercial and residential shopping center, have the typical Chinese classical architectural style, in addition to thousands of miles away in South Africa service to local residents and travel Tianjin overseas Chinese, the weather is sunny, sunny, up to the brand building in the sun more magnificent.

Li Lu, the Ministry of trade name: "harvest", time: October 2013, location: the Brahmaputra side, mobile phone brands and models: Apple 5, works the story behind the distant hills of snow, near the edge of the barley. Highland barley, as the main grain crop of Tibetan people, is often used to make highland barley cakes and highland barley wine. This shot, looking at the snow, feel cold, watching the crops grow so strong, feel the weather good magic.

The Department of trade: Li Lu, Title: "burning cloud", time: September 2012, location: Dezhou Oriental red Luqiao, mobile phone brands and models: SONY LT18i, works behind the story: Dezhou has few of the stunning scene, then change until the sky is still fresh in the head, but the mobile phone can only record at the time a moment of beauty. Shooting space, two taxi master stopped to take photos, everyone loves beauty.