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Algerian Engineering Company offer Benefits of Lesser Bairam to Local Employees

Algerian Engineering Company offer Benefits of Lesser Bairam to Local Employees

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In June, the Algerian engineering company sent warm care to the local employees who had been on the frontline, and provided benefits for Lesser Bairam, including sheep, beef, cooking oil and other daily necessities, as well as festive blessings.

More than 400 local employees of the Algerian engineering company are staying on their dutieswith giving up the chance to spend time with their families during Lesser Bairam, an important local holiday.On behalf of the company, the general manager and project managers of the Algerian engineering company personally distributed goods to local employees of the Hydra presidential office decoration project and Bouinan1700 sets of aluminum film project.The local staff was very excited to receive the benefits from the management staff and expressed their gratitude for the company’s humanistic care with a brilliant smile.

Since its establishment, Algerian engineering company has been standardizing and strengthening local management. In order to manage local employees scientifically and reasonably, Algerian company has formulated a number of management systems for each project according to local conditions,make sure there are rules and laws to follow in employee management.The strengthening of localization management relieves the pressure of managing local employees.The Algerian company actively understands the local folk culture, strengthens the communication with the local staff, pays attention to the humanistic care, strengthens the relationship with the local staff,and draws closer the distance between China and Algeria.


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