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The Vice Minister of Ministry of Engineering of Tanzania and The DelegationVisited Our Road Project for Inspection

The Vice Minister of Ministry of Engineering of Tanzania and The DelegationVisited Our Road Project for Inspection

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On August 1, 2019, accompanied by the mayor of Ludewa and the head of Njombe Provincial Highway Bureau, the visiting delegation led by ViceMinister of Ministry of Engineering of Tanzania conducted on-site inspection on the construction progress, project quality and construction safety of our company’s 50km concrete road project in Tanzania.

In the morning, the ViceMinister of Engineering met with the project department and the main management personnel of the supervising engineer at KM50+000, the starting point of the project. At the same time, the head of Njombe Provincial Highway Bureau made a detailed report on the main situation of the project.

And then, the inspection team went to KM51+900, and after inspecting the section of high fill construction, the Vice Minister expressed high praise for the speed and quality of our work on the high fill within 40 days.

Subsequently, the inspection team undertook an inspection of the project’s crushing plant.After the project manager made a detailed report on the production schedule and quality control of gravel, Mr. ViceMinister praised the efficient production of our company’s gravel factory which can fully meet the requirements of project construction progress, and gave full recognition to the efforts made in gravel specification, quality control and environmental dust control.

At noon, Liu Changshun, the Director General of our company in Tanzania, made a detailed report on the construction technology, safety standards, environmental management and local traffic control of the 50KM high excavation section at KM62+800.Subsequently, the inspection team visited the site of the high excavation area and gave high praise to our construction management.Mr. Vice Minister emphasized that this section of high-excavation road is rare in Tanzania and difficult to construct, and further gave clear instructions on safety management and traffic control.

At around 2 PM, Vice Minister of Engineering and his team inspected the KM71+700 site of concrete road casting, which was reported by Tanzanian state television.This project is the first concrete road project in Tanzania, and the inspection team and accompanying government personnel at all levels have a strong interest in the construction technology of this section.Liu Changshun made a detailed report to the inspection team on the construction quality assurance measures of concrete road casting technology.Later, the visiting group visited the whole process of concrete casting and surface gallingconstruction, and inspected the formed concrete pavement. The Vice Minister of Engineering of Tanzania and his visiting delegation, Njombe Highway AdministrationBureau and government officials in Ludewa all gave high praise to our construction technology and quality control, and fully affirmed the construction results of the project.

The inspection team ended the visit and inspection of our project in a pleasant atmosphere.

In the future work, all the staff of Tanzania 50KM project department will continue to work hard with the support and care of the company leaders, and strive to complete the construction schedule successfully.


                               Project Department of 50KM Road of Tanzania/ Si Bo