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Dejian People Celebrated The Mid-Autumn Festival Overseas In This Ways

Dejian People Celebrated The Mid-Autumn Festival Overseas In This Ways

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Unknowingly, the Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and the holiday has been drawn to a successful conclusion. In the days of family reunion, how did Dejian people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival overseas? Let's follow our footsteps to see if their "Mid-Autumn Festival Tips" is different.


Tip One: Work makes us happy

Unconsciously, three-quarters of the past 2019 has passed, and many projects have reached an important stage of full-scale development. During the festival, we did not forget the work. In order to successfully complete the goals set at the beginning of the year and smoothly meet the key requirement of construction program, everyone has made great efforts and worked very hard.

South Sudan Rock City DPOC New Office Complex

At the site of the office building in Rock City, South Sudan, our engineers and workers were energetic and engaged in intense construction. There are no family reunion at site, and there are just machine roaring and flying dust. Due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks, they did not rest during the Mid-Autumn Festival. They were still sticking to their jobs and working hard to complete the project on schedule. After the project is completed, it will be one of the landmark buildings in the Gudele District, which is also the first office building on Rock City Road.

20MW Diesel Generator Power Station Project, Kuito, Angola

It was in a state of intense work during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Kuito 20MW diesel generator power station project which under construction by Angola Branch Company is nearing completion. In order to  deliver the project to Owner on time, the construction personnel worked overtime and the final workswas in progress.

7Lots of Hwange Power Station under CNNP-Office Block

The construction personnel of several lots of the Hwange Power Station project under the CNNP which undertaken by the Zimbabwe Branch’s Project Department were also busy. The project department established in 2018 is the youngest project department of Dejian International, but the management staff is very motivated. They didn’t take a break during the Mid-Autumn Festival and still stick to their jobs.


Tip Two: Dinner Party is essential

Dejian International people are conscientious in their work, diligent and hard working, keep a rich and colorful life with happy laughter and and cheerful voices. In the days of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, everyone gathered together to make the wines happy and talked to each other. At this moment, colleagues are also relatives, and the overseas site is also the hometown.

Clockwise from left to right: Sudan Branch, Algeria Branch,
South Sudan Branch, Tanzania 50KM Highway Project Department


Tip Three: Holding fun sports games

In order to alleviate everyone's work pressure and homesickness, overseas branches had organized fun sports games to make sure everyone spend a different Mid-Autumn Festival in a foreign country.

Zambia Branch Held Fun Sports Games

The Zambian branch held fun sports games, and the sports events were mainly based on team sports. Includes ringtoss, leggings running, table tennis  delivering, skipping, and basketball shooting. Regardless of the person responsible for organizing the competition, the referee or the staffs participating in the competition, each of them carefully completed their tasks and devoted themselves to the competition, reflecting the unity and cohesiveness of all staffs of the Zambian Branch.

Tanzania 50KM Highway Project Department Held Basketball Match

The Tanzania 50KM Highway Project Department held a basketball match, which was divided into single-player and group match. The single-player is a personal shot that is designed to express personal charisma and reflect individual basketball skills. Five chances each person, at least one three-point shoot. All the staffs were actively involved and enthusiastically signed up whichfully reflects the significance of this competition.The entire stadium is full of happy laughter and long-awaited applause,presenting the joyful picture of a happy family.


Tip Four:Make friends by article, express emotion by words

The paper is too short to describe one’s feelings.Expresses the inner world of Dejian International People through words. It is confused and firm, and it is resolute and determined. Living in the same round of the moon, near or far, the concern is true, and the dedication is true.


Sudan Branch: Cao Yaping

On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one’s dear ones far away. No matter when the family celebrates, it is not the whole family sitting together to call the reunion. No matter how far they are concerned, it is the real reunion.Because we look up and see the same round moon. A message, a video callto a loved one, is from the depths of the heart.The Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion day, expressing love without delay! The place where we can see the moonlight is the hometown; the land where we can stand are all living. The Sudan Branch will not be afraid of danger, chasing dreams, and continue to fight in the Sudan for the world of Dejian!


Algeria Branch: Zhang Song

The Mid-Autumn Festival means reunion, which has a special meaning for every Chinese. However, we know that our responsibilities are significant at overseas market. Douera 1,272 residential housing units project are not only a project for the benefit of the locals, but also a representative project of the China 'Belt and Road' initiative in Algeria. Our overseas staffsonly have to do their work well and do their part for the family, for the company andfor the country.



When we stay with family members and enjoy family happiness, there are countless Dejian people who endure the unspeakable loneliness in silence, fightingat the front-line positions overseas. They interpret the original heart with struggle, and deliver love through dedication. Let us sincerely say to them: "You have worked hard, you are the most beautiful Dejian People!"


Dejian International/General Office  Overseas Branch