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Dejian International visit &extend regards to overseas staffs’ family by hearts on the Mid-Autumn Festival

Dejian International visit &extend regards to overseas staffs’ family by hearts on the Mid-Autumn Festival

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On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, starting from August 19th, Office of General Affair visited some of overseas employees’ families  on behalf of the company, thanked for their understanding and support for the development of the company with gifts& regards.

It has been nearly 14th years since Dejian International overseas markets started. Dream as horse, act your glorious youth is the initial heart of Dejian International. The cause is in common and the goal is unified. More and more excellent workers left their home for the frontline of overseas construction. In order to express the concern for the overseas employees and their families who support them silently, Dejian visited the families of employees who work in Dezhou city and surrounding cities & counties at the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival.

Before the visit, the company carefully selected gifts and customized the mooncake gift box with the words “Dejian International”  In the conversation with the family members of the employees, the general affairs inquired in detail about the difficulties encountered by them in their lives and work, and urged them to tell the company in time once they had difficulties. The company will be active to do the good services for the employee’s family and timely to solve the difficulties of the worker’s families in life. In addition, thanked them for taking actively the burden of the family, so that the majority of the overseas workers can focus on working abroad. The families of overseas employees who were visited expressed their gratitude to the company for their concern. They said that they would continue to support their family’s work and contribute to the development of the Dejian overseas business. Until the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, Dejian has visited 20 families of overseas workers.

Dejian International has further narrowed the distance between the company and its employees and enhanced their sense of belonging through visits on major festivals, regular telephone calls to their family or other ways. Dejian International will continue to promote such warm-hearted activities and provide the best logistics services for the vast number of employees by hearts and souls.

Dejian International/Yang Chen