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The First Building of 1700Housing Units Project in Algeria was Top-out

The First Building of 1700Housing Units Project in Algeria was Top-out

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On November 30local time, the first building of the Bouinan-1700 Housing Units Project in Algeria was top-out.The project is plot 01 of the BOUINAN-3500 Units Housing Project, consisting of 43 buildings R+9, with a total construction area of about 175,000 square meters.The main structure of the project is reinforced concrete shear wall structure, using aluminum formwork construction technology.


The project started on July 11, 2019, we received the basic drawings on August 19 and thencarried out formal construction, after that, we also received the aboveground structural drawings on September 2.With the arrival of the rainy season in Algeria, our project personnel did not feel depressed, but actively responded to the company’s call of “To beExcellence and Priority”, arrange the construction period, optimize the plan, deploy the equipment, organize carefully, and arrangedscientifically.Under the rainy weather that lasted for nearly a month, the project personnel overcame all kinds of difficulties and worked overtime to advance our work.In line with the concept of “safety first, quality first”, with the care and support of company leaders and the joint efforts of project personnel, building 38 was successfully capped.In addition, ourEmployer and the Supervision Engineering Team also gave high evaluation to the other projects under construction.In the following work, all the projectstaff of the project will be united, continue to do a good job with full enthusiasm and forge ahead, strive to complete the project construction tasks with good quantity, and build the deepfoundation of Dejian Groupin Algerian market.