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Dejian Internationalhold Celebration of Christmas and New Year

Dejian Internationalhold Celebration of Christmas and New Year

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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…The atmosphere of Christmas has beenrichening and the pace of the New Year is approaching. On the morning of 21th December, Dejian International launched a celebration of Christmas and New Year in Baosong Wine Shop to let all team relax from the busy work and get rid of the fatigue.

It was warm as spring inside though cold and windy outside and the whole functionwas started among everyone's harmony and focus. Mr. Zhao Fei, Brand Manager of the Baosong Wine who was invited to explain the professional knowledge about wine from the history of the winery, the growing environment of the grapes to the correct way to start the wine and the matters needing attention, and guided everyone to wine tasting.In ancient times, Chinese made wine with grapes and other fruits, and the rich kept wine for more than ten thousand huge Jars. The winehas been undefeated for decades. While, In the west, there are Romani-Conti, with soy sauce aroma, rich fragrance; Merlot is rich taste and in deep purple, whose aftertaste is infinite, Lafite is deep minty, smooth and silky.Today, red wines fly into the homes of public and become regulars at the table. Wine tasting requires the drinker’s peace and concentration who need lift the glass lightly, have the dark purple swayes against the light, and the moment when it passes through the lips, teeth, and mouthpiece, the thick and delicate taste, like the water wavesrippling and spreading. Tasting emphasizes frivolity rather than booze, and faintness is a bright color in the celebration.



There are Chinese ancient poems and archery-like entertainmentfor drinking. During the break of the wine tasting, we also played games which was a combination of static and dynamic, but also a blend of elegance and joy. Everyone enthusiastically signed up and participated actively. In throwing handkerchiefs and drumming flowers, everyone recalled their childhood, displayed their talents, and expressed generosity without any tweaking. The long-lost laughter made this winter especially warm. The subsequent test of tacit understanding pushed today's activities to a climax. This is a game that tests the ability of language and body expression. For the victory of the team, everyone tries their best to move people. Laughter, cheers, and admiration come one after another, showing extraordinary wisdom between every inch.

After the game, a lucky draw was held, and the managers of the relevant departments presented prizes to the winners and took a group photo. At the end of the event, the company presented beautiful gifts to all colleagues—lucky apple with peace and joy. Although the happy time is always short, all hope to record this moment to celebrate our ordinary but wonderful life.


                                                                Dejian International/Wang Qian