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Support poverty alleviation,boost the revitalization of rural areas

Support poverty alleviation,boost the revitalization of rural areas

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On the morning of January 7, Mr. Feng Lichao, Deputy Director of Dezhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Liang Zonghua, secretary of Xiliang Village, Xindian Town, Yucheng City, made a special trip to Dejian Group to present the company with the banner of "supporting poverty alleviation and rural revitalization." Mr. Ma Zhixin, General Manager of Shandong Dejian Group, Mr. Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Shandong Dejian International, attended the presentation ceremony.

Feng Lichao fully affirmed Dejian's enthusiasm for public welfare and actively fulfilling its social responsibility. Liang Zonghua expressed his gratitude to Dejian on behalf of all the villagers in Xiliang Village.

Xiliang Village is a city-level poor village with backward infrastructure and low per capita income. In order to strengthen the infrastructure construction in the village and improve the living standards of the people, Dejian Group has successively carried out a series of free assistance to Xiliang Village in line with the purpose of "based on the state city for the benefit of the local".

Project 1: municipal street lamp project. In order to facilitate the passage of villagers and students studying in nearby schools, municipal street lights have been installed along the concrete road with a length of 1KM, illuminating the villagers' way home and warming the hearts of the people. 

Project 2: irrigation well project. There is a shortage of water resources near the planting site, the river in the village dries up all the year round, and the grain yield is low due to the lack of irrigation water. In order to solve this problem, the Dejian Group and the village committee selected two irrigation wells with a depth of 50 meters, which solved the water problem of more than 100 mu of planting land around, thus increasing the basic income of the villagers.

Project 3: pond renovation. The pond covering an area of 5 mu in the village was in disrepair, a large area of the pond slope was washed away by Rain Water, silt almost filled the entire pond, internal garbage accumulation, weed rebirth, resulting in villagers unable to make use of the pond. Dejian Group rebuilt it according to the actual situation: broaden the pond area, remove weeds, remove silt, repair the slope, and continue to dig 2 meters deep at the bottom of the original pond. After the transformation of the pond, the village will collectively contract to plant lotus root, which will be interspersed with fish, ducks and other agricultural products to create a three-dimensional culture system, which can generate an annual income of about 80,000 yuan for the village collective.

At the end of the ceremony, Ma Zhixin said: the city needs temperature and the heart needs warmth. The temperature of a city depends on the efforts of many parties. Dejian Group has been committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and devoting itself to social welfare undertakings. In the future, we will deeply integrate public welfare services with market resources, maximize the value of public welfare projects, constantly promote social progress and build a better home together.

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