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Dejian International conducts special training on ‘Improving international project management capability and helping Dejian ’s overseas market development

Dejian International conducts special training on ‘Improving international project management capability and helping Dejian ’s overseas market development

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In order to cope with the increasingly intense international project competition environment and improve the management team’s international project management capabilities, Dejian International organized a special training on international engineering related knowledge from January 10 to 17, 2020. Domestic departments, project departments,heads of overseas branches, returnees as well as the managers of De Chuang Investment and Zhong Zheng Real-Estate in total over 80 peopleparticipated in the training. The training lasted for one week, combining internal and external training, and mainly related to overseas market development, international engineering contracting risk management and control, international engineering claims, assembly industry knowledge, world economic situation and other related content.
Forexternal training, Mr. Zhang Hui, a master of business administration from Qing Hua University, a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and Mr. Tian Wei, a professor-level senior engineer, the director of the Construction Industry Branch of the China Chamber of Foreign Contracting Engineers, were invited to give a live lecture.

During the training, Mr. Zhang Hui gave a wonderful explanation on the theoretical aspects of overseas project contract management, system characteristics, important terms of FIDIC conditions, and risk evading. 

Mr. Tian Wei started from his own experience, combining with real cases, and took the six problems actually encountered during the implementation of international projects as the starting point to fully teach the methods of international project claims management. 

In addition, Professor. Li Ping, special assistant to the president of Shandong University ofTechnology as well as doctoral tutor, focused on the current world economic situation and professionalism. Regarding CITIC, he gave a comprehensive and detailed explanation on credit insurance policies and financial product introduction. Trainees had deep level discussion according to reality.


In terms of internal training, Mr. Hu Zhaowen, Chief Engineer of Dejian Group, started from Dezhou's prefabricated construction industry policy environment, Dejian Group's prefabricated planning and current status, and analysis of domestic prefabricated building structural system applications to fully brief related knowledge of prefabricating industry which established a clear understanding for the Group's future development strategy. In order to integrate theory with practice, the management team visited prefabricated industrial area and research project. 


In addition, Mr. Huang Meng, the vice General Manager of Marketing Department and Mr. Wang Wei, the General Manager of the Algeria branch, shared their knowledge of international project financing and localization management respectively. The lectures are closely linked to the actual situation of international business, combination of theory and real case . Management team have conducted in-depth exchanges and positive interactions based on their own work experience.
This training aimed to solve the difficulties in the development and management of the international engineering market, let all managers team acknowledge, learn and understand, strengthen the awareness of international compliance operations, improve risk identification and management capabilities, consolidate knowledge & ability foundation of the creation of ‘Ten billions of enterprises, centuries of Dejian construction’so as to escort the company to explore overseas markets and execute international engineering projects.


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