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Marching Ahead of Time, Sail the Ocean - Dejian International 2019 Annual Summary and Recognition Conference was successfully held

Marching Ahead of Time, Sail the Ocean - Dejian International 2019 Annual Summary and Recognition Conference was successfully held

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At 3:00pm on January14, 2020, a Grand 2019 Annual Summary and Recognition Conferencewas held inmeeting room - 403 of Group Building attended by nearly a hundred members from the Dejian international Leader team, the heads of various departments and overseas branches, returnees, the domestic project department and the family members of employees. Mr. Zhou Zhenqi, General Manager of Dejian Holdings and Mr. Li Haiting, Deputy Chief Accountant of Dejian Group, attended the meeting. All overseas Branches participated in the conference through on-line video.  

The conference was hosted by Mr. Huang Meng, Deputy General Manager of Dejian InternationalMarketing Department. Firstly, Mr. Xu Hongfeng, Deputy General Manager of Dejian International Construction Department, announced the ‘Decisions on Commending the Advanced Collectives and Individuals in 2019’.





Mr. Qin Enlei and Mr. Sun Xuele delivered the award-winning speeches as representatives of the advanced . They said that it’sa great honor for being given the opportunity to make a speech as advanced representatives. All those achievements can not be achieved without the extensive platform of Dejian International, the support of leaders and the help of colleagues, and they will devote themselves to their work with fuller enthusiasm in the future. To work hard, don't ask for gains and losses.

Mohammed Deen Ibrahim gave a speech for being awarded as a representative of outstanding foreign employees. He was excited to say that he was very grateful to the company for providing this opportunity to come to China and participate in the annual meeting, and to know such warm and kind leaders and colleagues. It has been half a year Since joining the company and always being harmony with company colleagues,. The company has established a solid platform for his future Development. and he will continue to work harder to reward the company in the future, and will pay more attention to potential projects in Sudan and contribute his own strength to the company's development.

Mr. Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International, made a report about summary of work in 2019 and work arrangements for 2020. He reported in details on Dejian International achievements in 2019 from the development of overseas branches and project departments, diversified business development, market development and cooperation models, improving internal management, controlling project quality and safety, fulfilling social responsibilities, theme activities and humane care. The general idea for 2020 is to take project contracting as the main body and international investment and international trade as the two wings so as to form an ‘One Body,Two-Wings’ development pattern. Based on deep cultivation of the African market, it seeks to expand into high-end markets through acquisitions, mergers or strategic investments. He pointed out that the focus of work in 2020 is to strengthen the marketing team. On the basis of deepening the traditional African market, actively expand the Central American market and focus on investment and PPP. Work in 2020 was arranged in terms of legal compliance control, department service awareness, high-quality performance of the project and improvement of employee welfare policies.

Mr. Li Ruiguo expressed the beautiful and long-term aspirations for all leaders and employees for the development of Dejian's international business:
Let’s seize the day and live it to the full, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together!
Realizing Dejian International overseas business:
From ‘Going Global’ to ‘Going In’
From ‘Going in’to ‘Going up’,
From ‘Going up’ to ‘Integrated in’,
From ‘integrated in’ to ‘sustainable’ development.

In the End, Mr. Zhou Zhenqi, in the conclusion speech, first fully affirmed the achievements of Dejian International in 2019, congratulated the employees who were honored, and expressed gratitude to the employees who still worked overseas. He pointed out that in 2019, under the leadership of the board of directors, Dejian International achieved gratifying results and effective management measures; trading companies continued to expand the development area and obtain legal operation of timber; the significant achievements in localization to reduce management costs. Meanwhile,Mr. Zhou Zhenqi gave high hopes for the work of Dejian International in 2020, and put forward four requirements: First, to emancipate the mind, make use of brains, and give full play to subjective initiative in work; The second is to take advantage of Dejian International's own advantages to actively explore new business segments. Make good use of various resources, seek good investment directions, strive for transformation and upgrading from a single construction enterprise, and achieve collective growth at an early date; Third, we must pay attention to risk control and make scientific decisions while actively contracting business; The fourth is to stick to‘going out’ strategy.There is a lot of room for ‘going out’. Dejian International, as a branch of Dejian holdings international sector, should become a banner of international business. In short, Mr. Zhou Zhenqi hopes that with the strong support of the Dejian holdings, Dejian International can successfully complete the various targets in 2020 and strive to be a pioneer of ‘going global’!


At 5:30 pm, MeiLiHua Hotel, we held a 2019 Dejian International year-end reciprocal reception with theme of ‘Running for the Dreams, Carrying on Past’. Everyone took off a year of tension and exhaustion, and enjoyed their own unique time. With the enthusiastic dancing by the Sudanese friend Deen, everyone was singing and dancing. This carnival was not only a tribute to the hard work of the past year, but also an incentive to become a new oneself in the new year. In 2020, with such a passionate team, Dejian International will surely succeed in the dream and set the sail!

                                                                        Dejian International/Wang Qian