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Dejian International South Sudan CompanyCares for Local Employees, Highlights Dejian's Humanitarian!

Dejian International South Sudan CompanyCares for Local Employees, Highlights Dejian's Humanitarian!

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Recently, after learning of the death of Mr. Mungueriek, a Uganda labor worker who used toserviceourcompanybutdied of truck accidentinUganda, Dejian International South Sudan Company organized a donation campaign immediately and commissioned Uganda worker representative in South Sudan to visithis home to give condolences total of 95,000.00 South Sudanese Poundsto his family. The company also promisepositionsfor their families to ensuretheir normal lives.

It is reported thatMungueriek's son, who was only 2 weeks old, had a sudden illnessbefore the accident. The doctor recommended that the baby need get treatedquickly. In order to treat the child, he resigned from South Sudan Company 3 months ago and returned to Uganda. The Truck hit him on his way to hospitalwhose rescue was invalid, and he died unfortunately.

Facing the unexpected death of her husband, Mungueriek's wife was under tremendous mental pain and financial pressure. At the most difficult and helpless time for this family, more than 130 management team from South Sudan Company and Uganda laborers reached out to help and unite the power of love. General Manager Song Fuguang immediately donated 20,000 South Sudanese Pounds, and said that the Company immediately opened up green channels for them, arranged jobs for their families and paid the costs to come to work in South Sudan if necessary.

"Thanks for the Company leaders and workers for their help to my Ugandan compatriots. I will do my best to work hard in the future to repay the company's Humanitarian!" Said Warumua, a Ugandan worker representative.

Humanistic care of the company conveys love and creates hope. This caring event fully reflects the excellent virtues of South Sudan Company's unity, friendship, mutual help and mutual help, and the new era of the dedication, love, mutual assistance and progress of Dejian Group.



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