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Dejian International helps each other to overcome difficulties!

Dejian International helps each other to overcome difficulties!

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Spring is coming,spring originally meant hope and vitality while the spring of 2020 makes us unforgettable. The epidemic of COVID-19 suddenly struck and spread rapidly overseas.Dejian International's domestic and overseas business has been affected to varying degrees.Under the correct leadership of the Holding company and the Group's party committee, the management of Dejian International actively mobilized the enthusiasm of domestic and overseas engineering companies and project departments, shared resources, launched overseas and domestic mutual aid activities, and helped each other to fight the epidemic.

During the period when the domestic epidemic was most severe, Dejian International's overseas engineering companies and project departments took full advantage of overseas resources and purchased the domestically needed materials, such as masks, in multiple ways at the first time, brought the materials back by post or someoneand actively supported the country.In just a few days, tens of thousands of masks were shipped back to China from various overseas branches, actively helping the country to weather the difficulties.

While the people of the whole country are fighting for the "epidemic", and the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled, the overseas situation is not optimistic and the situation is severe.Facing the severe epidemic situation, company leaders attach great importance and concern, and always take the protection of the health and safety of all overseas staffs as the primary responsibility.Although many countries have adopted measures such as suspension of flight and entry restrictions, it is difficult to transport materials, but  our company uses all resources and channels to raise urgently needed supplies such as masks and goggles for overseas staffs, And emergency items such as traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine for preventing or improving immunity against COVID-19.Through unremitting efforts, the first batch of urgently needed materials has now arrived in Tanzania, and will subsequently arrive at various overseas engineering companies and project departments to escort everyone's health.

Good friends feel close to each other even when they are separated by vast distance. China actively assists countries affected by overseas epidemics. Like the mountain range that stretches before you and me, let’s share the same trials and hardships together.The same is true of Dejian International.The domestic and overseasstaffs of Dejian Internationalsincerely united to overcome difficulties together and vividly explained the profound friendship of Dejian International staffs who are watching and helping each other in the face of the epidemic



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