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Dezhou Council for the promotion of international trade make research for Dejian international

Dezhou Council for the promotion of international trade make research for Dejian international

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On the afternoon of April 20, Li Lianjun, the President of Dezhou Council for the promotion of international trade and his delegation went to Dejian international to investigate the situation of overseasconstruction enterprises under the epidemic situation, accompanied by some heads of "going global" enterprises. Li ruiguo, the general manager of Dejian international and relevant departments attended the meeting.

In conference room 2311, Li ruiguo made a detailed report on the overseas business in three aspects about the layout of Dejian, the impact of the spread of the overseas epidemic on our company and the future response strategies.

After listening to the report, Comrade Li Lianjun fully affirmed the overseas epidemic prevention and control deployment of Dejian, and stressed that the epidemic is both an opportunity and a challenge for "going global" enterprises. It is also the epidemic situation that gives enterprises a great opportunity to work hard and learn to improve. President Li confirmed that CCPIT will fully support the development of enterprises within its capabilities and help enterprises to solve the "difficult market development" during the epidemic. As long as the enterprises do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, urge employees to exercise more and improve their own immunity, we believe that they will be able to survive the "cold winter" of the market.

Subsequently, the "going global" enterprises attended the meeting held an exchange discussion on "how to break through the encirclement and achieve a new level of development for small and medium-sized enterprises under the epidemic situation". All kinds of new ideas collide with each other, just like a brainstorming, which will inject new vitality into the better development of enterprises in the future.

Taking this opportunity, our company reported to CCPIT Municipal Committee and other members on the feasibility of establishing overseas warehouse investment in the land purchased in Mozambique before, and conducted in-depth discussion with relevant enterprises attending the meeting.

The CCPIT Municipal Committee and other members came here for guidance, in-depth discussion on the international business solutions at the time of the "epidemic", and provide policy assistance for Dezhou enterprises to go out, which will certainly be a reassuring pill for enterprises to fight against the epidemic, help Dezhou enterprises to survive the epidemic crisis smoothly, practice risk resistance and toughness, and work together to build Dezhou's international brand.



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