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Employee’s Deeds Demonstration︱Take on the responsibility when the pandemic comes-Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer fighting against pandemic(No.1)

Employee’s Deeds Demonstration︱Take on the responsibility when the pandemic comes-Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer fighting against pandemic(No.1)

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2020 is destined to be a special year,

After the victory of the domestic "pandemicbattle",

Before we could be happy, the pandemic began to break out globally,

This has brought huge physical and mental challenges to the overseas personnel of Dejian International.

In this unexpected pandemic battle,

The overseas personnel still stick to the front line,

Write the pandemic-fighting story with perseverance,

Compose the magnificent chapter of the times with responsibility.


Liu Li---Who says women are inferior to men? She shows heroine with her actions

Liu Li, female, born in June 1991, was assigned to work in Zambia in October 2018. Now she is a financial officer of Zambia branch. As a financial and material procurement personnel, she takes "pandemic" as the order and bears "responsibility" to stick to her post. At the same time of doing cashier's work well, she took no pains and were not afraid of the pandemic situation to go out to purchase supplies for everyone and guarantee the basic lifeneeds.


As we all know, the medical conditions in African countries are relatively backward, and there are many difficulties in material procurement. In order to ensure the safety, effectiveness and timely arrival of the purchased stuff, Liu Li spare no effort to establish close contact with various suppliers, go out early and return late every day, risk being infected by the pandemic, and guaranteethe basic logistics support for the colleague. Up to now, Liu Li has purchased more than 30,000-yuan worth of pandemic prevention materials for Zambia branch, including masks, disinfectants, medical alcohol, rubber gloves, vitamin tablets and other necessities for daily use, to ensure that the construction personnel have a balanced diet and supplement sufficient vitamins during the pandemic.

Since April 10, in order to implement the two-level pandemic prevention emergency plan of the HQ and the branch company, Zambia branch has implemented all-round and closed-off management in the base and project site. Liu Li is responsible for the coordination and arrangement, the logistics support and pandemic prevention services for local employees who are willing to stay in the base.


Liu Li always does more and says less, and is willing to contribute. At the critical moment of fighting the pandemic in Africa, she demonstrated the youth vitality of the post-90s with her practical actions.


Sun Song---Stand fast and remain at his post, be a handsome "hero in harm’s way" bravely

Sun Song, male, born in January 1994, was assigned to work in Algeria in July 2018 as a materialman of Algerian branch. The coronavirus has spread all over the world, and Europe and the United States have become the hardest hit areas. Algeria and France face each other across the sea, and the pandemic situation is very severe. The province of Blida where the project is located is currently the epicenter of the Algerian pandemic. In the face of it, the very first thing to do is ensure the closure of the project construction site and everyone's daily diet. And this task falls on Sun song’s shoulder, a young man in his 20s.

He has to take a great risk in each purchase. Everyone in Algerian branch is making suggestions for him. Every time he comes back from purchasing, he is disinfected comprehensively, not only because he is responsible for the important task of purchasing food and materials, but also because he is our brother. Every disinfection represents our deep friendship for him, and every mask we give him represents our earnest expectation for his safe return.

At present, Sun Song has been purchasing supplies enough to sustain four months. He acts as a “hero in harm’s way” bravely to make colleagues feel more comfortable and relievedduring this special period.


The battle against pandemic is a war without gunpowder smoke. It is a huge risk to go out to purchase. Let's hereby sincerely say to him: Thank you! Thank you to be our supply guard, Sun Song, thank you!