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Staff style ︱ Take on the responsibility when the pandemic comes-Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer fighting against pandemic(No.2)

Staff style ︱ Take on the responsibility when the pandemic comes-Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer fighting against pandemic(No.2)

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2020Year is destined to be a special year,

After the victory of the domestic fighting of "anti-Convid-19 epidemic",

Before we had time to be happy, the epidemic began to break out globally,

This has brought huge physical and mental challenges to the overseas staff of Dejian International.

In this unexpected battle of ati-epidemic,

People of Dejian International still stick to the overseas front line,

Write the anti epidemic story with perseverance,

Use responsibility to compose the magnificent chapter of the times.


Chang Wenhua---Abide by the rules and protect the production

Chang Wenhua, male, born in August 1992, was assigned to work in South Sudan in May 2019. Now he is a materialman of South Sudan  branch company.Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in China in February, it has spread rapidly all over the world, causing a great impact on the global economy. South Sudan is located in two countries with more serious epidemic situation, and it has not been able to skip.In order to control the spread of the epidemic, the government of South Sudan has implemented strict measures such as curfew and closing non essential stores, and also banned some non essential vehicles from going on the road.However, South Sudan branch company is currently busy with construction tasks. Client's requirements for construction period are still very strict. Most of the building materials stores have been closed, which causes great trouble for the procurement of construction materials.

Under all kinds of adverse conditions, Chang Wenhua contacted the suppliers early and greedily every day to avoid the adverse impact of material problems on the construction period.In the face of difficulties, he did not wait in place and complain about himself, but actively looked for various solutions, so that the company can still ensure the normal construction of each construction site in such a severe situation, which is worth our learning.

He is responsible for the epidemic prevention of all construction sites while taking charge of the materials at the construction site. He checks every construction site every day in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations ofcompany, especially the strict requirements for local employees, so as to avoid their slack mood due to not paying attention to the epidemic situation.

Although Chang Wenhua has been in the company for less than a year, he has been forge ahead and take on the responsibilities bravely in his work. In the face of the epidemic situation, he resolutely implemented the company’s two-line measures of epidemic prevention and control and safety production, broke the routine, overcome difficulties, and strive to win the victory of the epidemic situation.


Zhang Fuxing---Keep and fulfill duty, write the spirit of moral of Dejian with practical actions

Zhang Fuxing, male, born in August 1991, was assigned to work in Angola in May 2016. Now he is the manager of financial department of Angola engineering branch company.Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility.

He always pays attention to official reports. When the epidemic is about to spread to African countries, he  communicates with suppliers of living materials and epidemic prevention materials in advance and prepare for procurement.After finishing his job, he gave up his rest time and ran all over Quitopharmacies and clinics to store more epidemic prevention materials.By focusing on the Wechat official account and communicating with the staff in Luanda to get known the epidemic situation, he summarized the epidemic prevention knowledge and publicize it through the staff forum, eliminating the psychological panic of the workers, appeasing the mood of the staff, and encouraging everyone to form good hygienic habits.

After the emergency order was issued in Angola, the situation of epidemic prevention and control became more serious.From base security to staff life, from the post ownership and duty division of each security guard to night patrol supervision, Zhang Fuxing is meticulous and meticulous.With the shutdown of the whole country, the increase of social idle personnel, the large mobility of personnel and the lack of good health habits, which undoubtedly increased a lot of risks for us to go out to handle business and purchase materials, but he still took the initiative to go out to purchase.

The epidemic is merciless but there is love among people.In this battle without smoke of gunpowder, this 90s generation young man who is responsible for his post vividly explains the responsibility and pattern of young people in the new era.