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Dejian international held a training session of "Building a harmonious family and Creating a happy life"

Dejian international held a training session of "Building a harmonious family and Creating a happy life"

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In order to help the employees and their families understand the core issues of harmonious family relations, learn scientific and effective methods to solve internal conflicts, improve the degree of harmony and mutual trust of employees' families, and eventuallyimprove the quality of life, on the morning of 22nd, in 2411 training room, Dejian international carried out a training sessionon the theme of "Building a harmonious family and creating a happy life".

This training was carried out bythespeciallyinvitedtraining instructor, Tao Ling,a national level II psychological consultant, a senior tutor of marriage and family, and a special tutor of entrepreneurship and innovation of Shandong University.

In the training, Ms. Tao explained the state of family relations, common family communication problems, common skills to maintain harmonious family relationship, and harmonious and happy relationship network of lifefrom the psychological perspective.

Psychological card sharing

Family issues sharing

Role swap

Through the interactive games such as psychological card, DISC personality test, wrist breaking, husband & wife role play, she carries out teaching through fun, leadsemployees to understand their own personality traits and try to reflect on various problems in family relations, and transpose themselves to understand the background of the problems, the psychological state and psychological demands of the other party, and find out the root of the problem. And finally, she proposes to find solutions to specific problems through "Positive expression, Mutual respect, Broadeningvisions, Listening and Keeping curious". The whole training was humorous, full of sense of scene and substitution, and the participants responded positively.

A harmonious family relationship is the cornerstone of a successful career and a happy life. It requires both sides to maintain it through a positive attitude towards life, a perspective of thinking in other’s position, the depth of the source tracing, and the execution of solving problems. This training highly conforms to the development status and basic needs of the company, and is of great significance to create a good working atmosphere and harmonious family environment for employees bothat home and abroad.



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