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The mayor of Kuito, Angola and his party visit the Angola Gonsi market project

The mayor of Kuito, Angola and his party visit the Angola Gonsi market project

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On the afternoon of September 1 , local time, ABEL PAULO GUERRA, Mayor of Kuito City,  Angola , and his entourage visited the Gonsai Market Project undertaken by our company, accompanied by Cheng Bo , General Manager of Angola Engineering Company and key management personnel .


Cheng Bo first introduced the construction technology and advanced techniques used in the construction of the project to the mayor and his party , and introduced in detail the measures taken by our company in epidemic prevention . The mayor highly recognized Dejian’s construction capabilities , affirmed our company’s excellent performance in quality control, and emphasized that with the new president’s coming to power , the Angolan government is committed to economic development and hopes to be able to compete with Dejian. Firms with strong reputation and credibility should strengthen cooperation to improve people's livelihood and drive employment and economic growth.  Cheng Bo said that Dejian will strictly demand itself with higher standards and contribute our strength to the common construction of a better Angola .

The project covers an area of ​​2,400 square meters and has a total of 1,276 booths. At present, all the counters have been built and are in the plastering stage. Seeing the neat counter, I think that in the near future, I will finally no longer have to set up a stall on the dirt road to sell vegetables and small commodities, and no longer have to endure the sun and rain. The local people are singing and dancing happily, eagerly looking forward to this day .

Our company will take this project as a benchmark, set up a banner of high-spirited progress, steadily fight steadily under the new economic situation in Angola, and create greater glories .




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